Health Coaches: Why We Are Needed

Have you ever thought about why rates of cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses continue to rise, despite increasing healthcare costs?

We tend to normalize illness based on how widespread it is in the United States, but illness is not the normal state of our bodies. Cancer is not normal. Diabetes is not normal. Obesity is not normal!

Our bodies want to be well – they are meant to be well.

Despite the high costs of healthcare in the United States, the care Americans receive is not necessarily better than other places. In fact, a recent study showed that healthcare in the United States ranks LAST although we spend considerably more than any other country. Something just isn't adding up!

Doctor’s offices are often booked with multiple appointments back to back. This fast-paced environment can lead patients to feel rushed and like they’re not truly being heard. Or worse, patients may not even bother to fully explain the issues they’re having. How much healing can truly happen during a 15-minute appointment with your doctor? Is this "health care" or is this "sick care"? Are our symptoms being treated or are we getting the root cause of our illness/disease addressed?

If this all sounds grim, don’t despair!

I have the answer: the role of Health Coaches in the healthcare community and in your community.

According to a recent article in The Hill, certain healthcare start-ups have created models known as “holistic care teams.” These teams often include a physician, behavioral health specialist, nurses, a registered dietitian, and Health Coaches.

The model is revolutionary as it encourages patients to take responsibility for their own health while providing support and guidance – two things that are rarely found in conventional healthcare systems. When was the last time you have seen this in your doctor's office?

In addition, this model saves money. One study found that compared to a control group using a more typical healthcare system, hospitalizations are down 37% and healthcare spending is down 12%.

For this idea to work on a large scale and truly intervene with the conventional healthcare system, public-private partnerships have emerged as a way to pay for these holistic care teams.

Great strides are being made to prove that transforming the conventional healthcare system and improving the health of the nation (all while creating jobs in the process) is possible.

It’s now our responsibility to explore how we can help contribute to this change and take action!

What steps can you take to help revolutionize the healthcare system? Are there doctor’s offices or healthcare businesses you can connect with in your area?

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, check out the article here. Personally, as a holistic health coach, I have seen my clients make remarkable changes in their own lives and with their own health once the root cause of their issue is addressed. Nothing is more satisfying than supporting people along their "health & wellness journey" and watching them transform into vibrant, energetic men and women once again. I'd love to know your thoughts on this topic. Have you worked with a health coach before? Was it helpful? Is the concept of a health coach new to you? If so, what questions do you have for me? I'd love to hear from you.

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