How Meditation Changed My Life

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in cultures around the world. It’s used to help calm the mind and suppress wandering thoughts. The techniques used during meditation have a number of physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that are backed by scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, and spiritual gurus alike. Most meditation forms primarily emphasize breathing, stillness, and mindfulness to achieve a higher state of relaxation and focus. Meditation is often used in place of or in conjunction with other forms of healing to reduce stress and improve overall health.

In my coaching practice, meditation is one element of many that I introduce to my clients in an effort to help create a happier and healthier life. There are many things that "feed" our bodies besides food and water, such as our relationships, self-care, and spirituality. Meditation is also something that feeds our body in beautiful ways. Meditation is not just for yogis and spiritual seekers; it’s for everyone! In fact, meditation is used by some of the most successful CEOs, executives, and people I know. Meditation continues to grow in popularity for good reason; the lasting effects positively impact one’s health with nearly no downsides! I don't meditate because it's the "in" or popular thing to do, though.

Some of the many benefits of meditation include:

  • Emotional health improvement

  • Reduced stress, worry, and anxiety

  • Increased patience, relaxation, and mental focus

  • Improved energy levels and productivity

While you may already be aware of these perks, getting started on developing a meditation practice can be tough. It can feel difficult to slow down, focus your mind, and come to a state of peace while living in a world that is constantly go-go-go. But with so many benefits and endless resources and tools out there, there’s no reason to not give it a try!

To get started, don't get overwhelmed. When beginning your meditation practice, keep it simple. Find a comfortable seat. Part of meditation requires finding stillness, starting with the body. But this can be challenging if you’re in an awkward position focusing on something that’s irritating you. When you begin your meditation practice, find a place that you can feel good in – a chair, a couch, or anywhere you find peaceful.

Start slowly. There’s no need to jump into a 30-minute meditation right off the bat. I suggest starting slowly by closing your eyes for just four or five minutes and gradually build up your practice. It takes commitment and dedication to develop a strong practice, and there’s no reason to rush the process.

Find an app. Living in a digital age, there’s an app for everything! Use a meditation app, like InsightTimer to help you get started. This app offers the largest free library of guided meditations and there is something for everyone. Eventually, you may no longer need a guide to get to that peaceful space, but it is a great way to learn what works best for you.

Take a workshop or go to a class.

If you have a difficult time getting in a meditation, look up classes or workshops in your area that can help. There is a wide array of yoga studios or holistic centers that provide informative and useful classes to help you establish a practice or provide you with a space to become grounded.

Do it first thing. Instead of pushing off meditating or saying you’ll do it later, try to begin each day with a practice. That may mean waking up a few minutes earlier, but it will be well worth it! This is a simple way to fit meditation into your schedule, no matter what you have on your to-do list for the rest of the day. In my 12-week program, The Bliss and Balance Method, meditation is one key component that I teach. Incorporating meditation into my daily routine has changed my life, my business, and how I approach each new day. I'm not being dramatic or exaggerative...I'm being completely honest. If you are interested in how meditation can work for you or learn more about my Bliss and Balance Method program, please reach out to me and schedule a time for us to chat. (Click here to get access to my schedule!) I know without a doubt it can change your life. xoxoxo Diane

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